Learn how users of mobile apps such as FaceApp compromise risk their privacy despite stated policy and assurance from the app creators.


This white paper explores a new way to approach the adoption of data breach prevention in businesses large and small – a business solution to a technical problem. Data breaches are considered a technical problem. Prevention of data breaches using a combination of technology, security policy, and operational implementation are widely known.

Free the world of data breached

The Information Security Enforcer 3.0 stops data leaks in real time to web applications such as Office
365, Box, Dropbox, and other online storage and collaboration services. It also monitors online email
systems such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. 

Information Security Enforcer

Understand different types of cookies and how they are used by companies and their websites to remember your browsing habits.


Understand what is DLP and the benefits and drawbacks of deploying a DLP system for Office 365.

Definitive guide to office 365 DLP

Learn whether your business needs to be CCPA complaint and what you need to do for privacy requests' management

A complete guide to CCPA

Get ready for CCPA compliance in one week or less with these 17 easy and actionable steps

17 Steps to CCPA compliance

Find here the top 31 rules for CCPA compliance.

Top 31 CCPA Rules

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